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amek 9098 paprametric eq en microfoon pre-amp.19",1he 9098eq2.080,00
amek 9098 remote controlled microphone amplifier,4-ch,19"2he 9098rcma5.150,00
amek channel in a box3.650,00
avalon dual mono class-a micpre-amp, fine trim3.295,00
avalon m 5 mono class-a micpre 2db step gain1.749,00
avalon u 5 mono class-a instr. di pre-amp/eq649,00
avalon vt 737 sp mono tube micpre-amp/opto-comp/eq2.493,00
Benchmark Dac 1 pre1.636,00
blue robbie single channel audiophile mic pre & di pre,completely balanced signal path with tube gain stage, ultra low noise and extremely detailed1.141,00
drawmer 1960 stereo tube preamp/compressor2.300,00
drawmer 1962 adat like 1962tdif,but adat format instead of tdif format4.770,00
drawmer 1962 analog tube mic.line preamp, 2ch,balanced xrl +4db unbalanced jack2.470,00
drawmer 1962 tdif digital tube mic/line preamp,2ch,16/18/20/24 bit resolutions and conversion,balanced xrl+4db unbalanced jack-10db,aes/ebu,s/p-dif,tdif format4.990,00
drawmer 1969 mercenary edition mic/line/instruments pre amp,2 ch,tubecompressor,balanced xrl + 4db,unbalnced jack-10db2.910,00
drawmer d 62 adat like d 62 tdif,but adat format instead tdif format2.380,00
drawmer d 62 tdif optional digital interface board for 1962 with 16/18/20/24 bit resolutions and conversion,aes/ebu.spdif,tdif2.380,00
drawmer mx60 mic/line preamp, esser.compressor,3band eq,param.mid multi band tube saturation balanced xrl710,00
drawmer ts 1 1 channel mic/instrument preamp, 48v phantom power, phase reserve, hi pass 25hz-250hz980,00
focusrite isa range ir isa220, isa 220, session pack2.490,00
focusrite isa range ir isa428, isa 428, pre pack3.030,00
focusrite isa range ir isa430mkII, isa 430 mkII, producer pack3.870,00
focusrite liquid range ir liquid, liquid channel, 192khz digital preamp/processor4.460,00
focusrite platinum range ir octopre, 8 channel mic pre-amp. with com/lim1.370,00
focusrite platinum range ir trackmaster, vocal, instrument channels strip470,00
focusrite platinum range ir ttpro, twintrak pro, prof. dual mono/stereo830,00
focusrite platinum range ir vmpro, voicemaster pro, prof. signal processor830,00
focusrite red range ir red 1 quad microphone preamplifier4.750,00
focusrite red range ir red 7 mono micorphone preamp and dynamics3.680,00
focusrite red range ir red 8 dual micorphone preamplifier2.970,00
focusrite RFO AD-CARD-ONE-430 Optie voor ISA ONE en 430356,00
focusrite RFO CLARETT-2PRE 2 In / 2 Out556,00
focusrite RFO CLARETT-4PRE 4 In / 4 Out778,00
focusrite RFO CLARETT-8PRE 8 In / 8 Out1.112,00
focusrite RFO CLARETT-8PREX 8 in / 8 out, 8 ISA modeling preamps1.445,00
focusrite RFO ISA-428-MK2 4 kanalen1.889,00
focusrite RFO ISA-430-MK2 Channel strip2.223,00
focusrite RFO ISA-828 8 kanalen3.629,00
focusrite RFO ISA-ONE 1 kanaal589,00
focusrite RFO ISA-TWO 2 kanalen1.344,00
focusrite RFO ITRACK-DOCK iPad lightning dock223,00
focusrite RFO ITRACK-DOCK-STUDIO Itrack Dock studio pack362,00
focusrite RFO ITRACK-POCKET iphone docket112,00
focusrite RFO ITRACK-SOLO-LIGHTNING 2 In / 2 Out156,00
focusrite RFO ITRACK-STUDIO-LI iTrack studio pack278,00
focusrite RFO OCTOPRE-MK2-DYNAMIC 8 kanalen723,00
focusrite RFO RED-1 RED 1 formaat 500889,00
focusrite RFO SAFFIRE-PRO-26 18 In / 8 Out389,00
focusrite RFO SAFFIRE-PRO-40 20 In / 20 Out556,00
focusrite RFO SCARLETT2-18I20 18 In / 20 Out
focusrite RFO SCARLETT2-18I8 18 In / 8 Out
focusrite RFO SCARLETT2-2I2 2 In / 2 Out130,00
focusrite RFO SCARLETT2-2I4 2 In / 4 Out145,00
focusrite RFO SCARLETT2-6I6 6 In / 6 Out263,00
focusrite RFO SCARLETT2-STUDIO Scarlet 2i2, micro, hoofdtelefoon309,00
focusrite RFR RED-4PRE Red - Interface Thunderbolt 58 in / 64 out2.699,00
Focusrite RFR REDNET-1 8 kanalen2.223,00
focusrite RFR REDNET-2 16 kanalen3.334,00
focusrite RFR REDNET-3 32 kanalen AES, S/PDIF & ADAT1.667,00
focusrite RFR REDNET-4 8 kanalen met preamps2.556,00
focusrite RFR REDNET-5-HD 32 kanalen voor Pro Tools HD1.667,00
focusrite RFR REDNET-6-MADI 64 kanalen I/O MADI2.223,00
Focusrite RFR REDNET-A16R 16 kanalen3.789,00
Focusrite RFR REDNET-A8R 8 kanalen2.620,00
Focusrite RFR REDNET-AM2 Phones Amp502,00
focusrite RFR REDNET-D16 AES3 I/O1.667,00
focusrite RFR REDNET-D16R AES3 I/O2.223,00
focusrite RFR REDNET-D64R 64 kanalen I/O MADI2.778,00
focusrite RFR REDNET-HD32R 32 kanalen voor Pro Tools HD1.667,00
Focusrite RFR REDNET-MP8R 8 kanalen met preamps3.334,00
focusrite RFR REDNET-PCIE-CARD Dante kaart formaat PCIe1.112,00
focusrite RNO CIRCUIT 6 parts met RGB matrix388,00
groove tubes the brick tube amplifier590,00
M-audio audio buddy99,00
m-audio dmp3185,00
manley 4 into 1 mic "purist" mixer microphone pre amp2.990,00
manley 5 into 1 line "purist" mixer microphone pre amp1.900,00
manley discrete dual mono mic pre amp with eq langevin1.600,00
manley dual 40 db mic pre amp microphone pre amp2.610,00
manley langevin, dual vocal combo2.100,00
manley mic eq 500 combo microphone pre amp3.150,00
manley mono 60 db mic pre amp microphone pre amp2.390,00
manley voxbox tube microphone pre amp4.350,00
Millennia HV-3-d4 4ch. mic pre3.094,00
Millennia HV-3-d8 8ch. mic pre4.189,00
Millennia HV-3C 2ch. mic pre1.904,00
Millennia HV-3R 8ch. mic pre, remote bediendbaar4.998,00
Millennia STT-1 twin-com " all-in-one" recording system2.999,00
Millennia TCL-2 twin-com stereo compressor/limiter3.356,00
Millennia TD1 "twin direct" recording channel1.595,00
presonus adl6002.695,00
presonus bluetube dual path249,00
presonus digimax fs719,00
presonus eureka629,00
presonus tubepre139,00
rme octamic ii 8ch. 24bit/192khz mic pre with digital interf.1.344,00
rme quad 4ch. mic preamp, 9 1/2", 1hu440,00
Roli Seaboard grand stage2.995,00
Roli Seaboard Rise25799,00
Roli Seaboard Rise491.199,00
rupert neve design 5012 dup mic pre1.777,00
rupert neve design 5014 stereo field editor1.777,00
rupert neve design portico 2 channel2.969,00
spl channel one mic pre1.209,00
thermionic culture earlybird stereo mic tube amp/eq3.870,00
thermionic culture vulture tube amp1.730,00
Triton Audio Fethead Mic Pre-amp69,00
universal audio 1176ln mono compressor2.067,00
universal audio 1176sa stereo adapter 1176ln102,00
universal audio 21176 dual compressor2.895,00
universal audio 2610s dual channel tube mic/inst. preamp+eq2.278,00
UNIVERSAL AUDIO 4-710D 4-Ch Preamp & DI w/ Dynamics + 8ch AD2.067,00
universal audio 4110 precision 4 channel mic/inst. preamp1.728,00
universal audio 6176 tube mic preamp, di, eq, 1176 compr.2.587,00
universal audio 710 twin-finity single channel tube mic pre/di828,00
universal audio la2a optical tube compr/limiter3.620,00
universal audio la3a optical solid-state compr/limiter2.067,00
universal audio la3ad dual optical solid-state compr/limiter4.037,00
universal audio la3ad dual rack kit79,00
universal audio la610m2 tube recording channel1.382,00
UNIVERSAL AUDIO LA610MII Tube Recording Channel 1.589,00
universal audio solo610 single tube mic preamp, di1.034,00
xlogic 6 ch multichannel compressor6.962,00
xlogic channel ad converter 24/96536,00
xlogic channel, mic pre, di, eq, comp,3.570,00
xlogic e series signature channel, mic pre, di, eq, comp ssl4000 series3.749,00
xlogic g series compressor 2 ch3.392,00
xlogic xrack empty total recall1.339,00
xlogic xrack total recall 8 dynamic modules7.616,00
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