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avalon 19-inch ventilation panel 1 he93,00
avalon dc 4-pole psu-cable ad-series 2,4m.55,00
avalon psu for ad-series 150w165,00
avalon mono 19" r/m kit for 1 x m 5/u 588,00
avalon option 130 v pwr-supply pcb for m 5164,00
avalon option jensen output transformer on m 5/ad 2022199,00
avalon stereo 19" r/m kit for 2 x m 5/u 5109,00
avalon tube kit for vt-series 2 x matched48,00
avalon tube kit for vt-series 4 x matched89,00
bryston 2 way switchbox 2-weg is switch met headphone jack200,00
bryston 3 way switchbox 3-weg is switch met headphone jack240,00
bryston 4 way switchbox 4-weg is switch met headphone jack350,00
bryston 6 way switchbox 6-weg is switch met headphone jack 19 inch660,00
bss ar 133 active di box240,00
drawmer da 6 1x stereo in/6x stereo out, 2x mono in/12 mono out balanced xlr i/o's780,00
drawmer da tx6 optional transformator balancing for da-6t balanced xlr i/o's108,00
drawmer dc1 digital output module for ts-1 and ts-2, 24 bit ad320,00
drawmer df330 2 ch. single end noise reduction, balances xlr +4db, unbalanced jack -10db990,00
drawmer dm-1 m-clock master clock generator,sample rate converter1.330,00
drawmer dm-2 d-clock 2in/20out clock measurement and distribution amplifier 880,00
drawmer la 12 1x stereo line in/12x line stereo out. balanced xlr i/o's670,00
drawmer sp2120 spl controlled protection system,speaker protector670,00
drawmer ts 1d ts-1 incl digital option dc-11.250,00
drawmer ts 2d ts-2 incl digital option dc-11.250,00
focusrite isa range a/d cards ir dbisa428, digital board for isa4281.160,00
focusrite isa range a/d cards ir dbisa430/220, digital board for isa430 and isa220760,00
focusrite isa range a/d cards ir dbisa430mkII, digital board for isa430mkII760,00
focusrite platinum range acc.ia cableopaes, aes/ebu cable for octopre65,00
focusrite platinum range acc.ia cableopspdif, s/pdif cable for octopre65,00
focusrite platinum range dig. cards ir dbadatop, adat card for octopre320,00
focusrite platinum range dig. cards ir dbmixmaster, a/d card for mixmast.370,00
focusrite platinum range dig. cards ir dboctopre, a/d card for octopre540,00
focusrite platinum range dig. cards ir dbptvtt, a/d card for penta/trackm.270,00
rtw 1020 case & psu for 1119g360,00
rtw 1061-plus portamonitor,audio vectorscope + two-channel multistandard peak program meter+ correlation meter3.110,00
rtw 1062-plus portamonitor, 2 kanaals audio vectorscoop met tafelstandaard en netadaptor3.440,00
rtw 1063-plus portamonitor,audio vectorscope+four-channel multistandard peak program meter+ correlation meter3.710,00
rtw 1064-plus portamonotor,audio vectorscope +four-channel multistandard peak program meter + correlation meter + real time analyzer4.040,00
rtw 10800x-plus surrounsmonitor,surround sound analyzer,surround & stereo vectorscope + 8-channel multi-standard peak program meter + 10 correlation meters + real time analyzer5.600,00
rtw 1119g phase peakmeter1.710,00
rtw 1205d ppm/fase/loudness bk [rtw062017k]1.300,00
rtw 1206d analog peak program meter, din 45406 specifications780,00
rtw 1206v vu meter+analog peak program meter,vu standard and din 45406 specifications820,00
rtw 1260c analog phase correlation meter meter+mono loudness meter800,00
rtw 300dv-plus analogprogram level meter,din 45406 specifications and vu standard,incl.mains adapter, mounting bracket600,00
spl surround controller791,00
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