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Price in Euro
antares auto-tune efx - edu82,00
antares auto-tune efx - native85,00
antares auto-tune evo - native256,00
antares auto-tune evo - tdm (+ Native)475,00
antares auto-tune evo native - edu261,00
antares auto-tune evo tdm - edu451,00
antares auto-tune vocal studio evo - native - edu570,00
antares auto-tune vocal studio evo - native avox evo plus auto-tune evo native713,00
antares auto-tune vocal studio evo - tdm - edu713,00
antares auto-tune vocal studio evo - tdm avox evo plus auto-tune evo for pro tools hd903,00
antares avox evo edu (realtime harmony generating plug-in)177,00
antares avox evo harmony engine - edu344,00
antares avox evo ten vocal plug-ins451,00
antares harmony efx - edu82,00
antares harmony efx - native85,00
antares harmony engine evo (realtime harmony generating plug-in)180,00
audio ease all in bundle regular904,00
audio ease all in bundle XL1.333,00
audio ease altiverb 4 to 5 macintosh htdm/vst/mas/rtas159,00
audio ease altiverb 6 regular594,00
audio ease altiverb 6 XL1.010,00
audio ease barbabatch403,00
audio ease Nautilus bundle296,00
audio ease Rocket science bundle249,00
audio ease snapper70,00
audio ease Speakerphone470,00
Avid Audio Plug-in Activation Card, Tier 1108,00
Avid Audio Plug-in Activation Card, Tier 2338,00
Avid Audio Plug-in Activation Card, Tier 3555,00
bombfactory classic compressors tdm plug in820,00
bombfactory sansamp psa 1 tdm plug in incl. ilok660,00
celemony melodyne cre8 3.x319,00
celemony melodyne plugin uk299,00
celemony melodyne plugin edu199,00
celemony melodyne plugin loyalty offer199,00
celemony melodyne studio 3.x (includes plugin)699,00
celemony Melodyne studio 3.x Edu349,00
celemony melodyne studio 3.x second license399,00
celemony melodyne uno169,00
celemony melodyne uno edu99,00
chandler emi tg 12413 limiter tdm plugin571,00
cycling 74 pluggo collection upgrade 3.081,00
Digi massivepack 8.01.089,00
M-audio co259,00
m-audio drum & bass rig133,00
M-audio future retro pack367,00
M-audio imposcar (by gforce)133,00
M-audio izotope bundle399,00
m-audio key rig133,00
M-audio kikaxxe (by way out ware)55,00
M-audio m-tron (by gforce)133,00
M-audio minimonsta (by gforce)199,00
M-audio oddity (by gforce)133,00
M-audio ozone (by izotope)255,00
M-audio producer factory bundle99,00
M-audio producer pro factory bundle409,00
m-audio rx (by izotope)269,00
M-audio spectron (by izotope)133,00
m-audio timewarp 2600 (by way out ware)255,00
M-audio trash (by izotope)205,00
M-audio virtual string machine (by gforce)139,00
M-audio xponent679,00
mcdsp analog channel hd (tdm/rtas/as)468,00
mcdsp channel g hd (tdm/rtas/as)940,00
mcdsp chrome tone hd (tdm/rtas/as)468,00
mcdsp classic pack hd (tdm/rtas/as)940,00
mcdsp classic pack native (rtas/as)468,00
mcdsp compressorbank hd (tdm/rtas/as)468,00
mcdsp de555 hd (tdm/rtas/as)468,00
mcdsp emerald pack hd (tdm/rtas/as)2.640,00
mcdsp emerald pack natvie (rtas/as)1.412,00
mcdsp filterbank hd (tdm/rtas/as)468,00
mcdsp futzbox hd (tdm/rtas/as)468,00
mcdsp mc2000 hd (tdm/rtas/as)468,00
mcdsp ml4000 hd (tdm/rtas/as)468,00
mcdsp nf575 hd (tdm/rtas/as)468,00
mcdsp project studio (rtas/as)212,00
mcdsp revolver native (rtas/as)468,00
mcdsp synthesizer one hd (tdm/rtas/as)468,00
metric halo labs channelstrip Garageband86,00
metric halo labs channelstrip native333,00
metric halo labs channelstrip tdm plug in666,00
metric halo labs spectrafoo complete rtas/mas/tdm plug in762,00
metric halo labs spectrafoostandard rtas/mas/tdm plug in381,00
Neyrinck mix 51 surround panner&mixer for prtls LE/M-pwrd179,00
neyrinck soundcode broadcast plugin for prtls & standalone940,00
neyrinck soundcode dts-hd streamplayer plugin for prtls752,00
neyrinck soundcode for dts, plugin suite for prtls940,00
NUGEN Audio Intersample True Peak LimiterLMC235,00
NUGEN Audio LM-Correct Audio Suite Loudness Tool375,00
NUGEN AUDIO LMB Loudness Management Batch Processor955,00
NUGEN AUDIO VisLM-H with history view (EBU R128 compliant)387,00
NUGEN AUDIO Visualizer77,00
serato pitch 'n time extra licenses564,00
serato pitch 'n time le376,00
serato pitch 'n time pro single retail unit752,00
serato rane series extra licences489,00
serato rane series extra licences489,00
serato rane series extra licences489,00
serato rane series single retail unit658,00
serato rane series single retail unit658,00
serato rane series single retail unit658,00
serato scratch studio edition extra control records16,00
serato scratch studio edition extra licenses226,00
serato scratch studio edition single retail unit282,00
Sony Spectral Layers Pro Mac339,00
Sony Spectral Layers Pro Mac339,00
soundtoys bundel feat filterfr, phasem, crystal, tremolator [ultrafx]470,00
Soundtoys Filterfreak rtas/as/htdm300,00
SSL alpha link madi AX2.099,00
SSL alpha link madi sx2.795,00
ssl cable madi hd to protools hd50,00
SSL delta link madi hd eu3.301,00
SSL delta link madi opti coax eu500,00
SSL duende mini595,00
SSL duende mini expanded934,00
SSL duende mini studio pack1.547,00
ssl duende native essential bundle428,00
ssl duende native studio pack1.000,00
ssl duende pcie595,00
ssl duende pcie studio pack1.170,00
SSL madixtreme 1281.100,00
SSL madixtreme 64700,00
SSL mixpander/51.000,00
UNIVERSAL AUDIO APOLLO Thunderbolt Option550,00
universal audio nevana 128, incl. full neve plug+$100 vou1.728,00
universal audio uad 2 duo flexi, incl. $500 voucher1.250,00
universal audio uad 2 duo, incl. $50 voucher936,00
universal audio uad 2 quad flexi, incl. $500 voucher1.872,00
universal audio uad 2 quad, incl. $50 voucher1.563,00
universal audio uad 2 solo flexi, incl. $500 voucher730,00
universal audio uad 2 solo, incl. $50 voucher417,00
UNIVERSAL AUDIO UAD-2 Quad Neve, incl $100 Voucher2.083,00
waves 360 surround tools native1.607,00
waves 360 surround tools tdm bundle2.973,00
waves api native bundle848,00
waves api tdm bundle1.696,00
waves broadcast & production native bundle2.053,00
waves broadcast & production TDM bundle4.070,00
waves cla classic compressors1.357,00
waves cla classic compressors678,00
waves classic studio bundle native ssl, v series, api bundles2.053,00
waves classic studio collection ssl, v series, api bundles4.016,00
waves diamond native bundle8.479,00
waves diamond tdm5.936,00
waves dorrough meter native424,00
waves dorrough meter tdm424,00
waves dorrough surround 360, stereo/mono678,00
waves dorrough surround 360, stereo/mono678,00
waves ek hls modeling native242,00
waves ek pie modeling native242,00
waves ek pie+hls modeling native362,00
waves gold native bundle1.102,00
waves gold tdm2.205,00
waves grand masters collection2.053,00
waves gtr (guitar tool rack) native237,00
waves gtr (guitar tool rack) native no waves/prs hardware152,00
waves gtr (guitar tool rack) tdm509,00
waves gtr (guitar tool rack) tdm no waves/prs hardware402,00
waves gtr native + prs box and ground controller428,00
waves gtr solo117,00
waves gtr solo native117,00
waves gtr solo+21st century gitar player dvd open mix148,00
waves gtr tdm + prs box and ground controller625,00
waves hls mixer482,00
waves horizon navite 4.618,00
waves ir 1 + l convolution reverb678,00
waves ir l convolution reverb339,00
waves ir360 + 1 + l surround convolution reverb1.017,00
waves jjp native puigchild 670, puigtec meq 1a, meq 5678,00
waves jjp puigchiild 670, puigtec meq 1a, meq 51.357,00
waves l3 16 native + l3 native + l3ll763,00
waves l3 16 native + l3 tdm + l3ll1.272,00
waves l3 native509,00
waves l3 tdm1.017,00
waves maserati collection native only588,00
waves master bundle3.562,00
waves masters native bundle938,00
waves masters tdm bundle1.517,00
waves maxx volume native509,00
waves maxx volume tdm1.017,00
waves maxxbcl digital processing unit for live sound, recording and broadcast applications2.666,00
waves mercury native8.479,00
waves mercury tdm13.388,00
waves miniwoofer home miniwoofer ideal accesory subwoofer for a tv audio system202,00
waves multirack509,00
waves musicians 2 native bundle196,00
waves musicians native bundle196,00
waves native power pack424,00
waves netshell apa 32 audio processing accelerator 19"809,00
waves netshell apa 44 m audio processing accelerator half rack1.821,00
waves netshell apa 44 r rack 19" rackmount to hold 2x apa 44's101,00
waves pie + comp724,00
waves pie comp482,00
waves platinum horizon7.676,00
waves platinum native bundle2.035,00
waves platinum tdm3.562,00
waves q clone sampling eq plug in native & htdm848,00
waves ren maxx + ez drummer native536,00
waves renaissance maxx native bundle518,00
waves renaissance maxx tdm1.017,00
waves restoration native bundle1.517,00
waves restoration tdm bundle2.598,00
waves signature collection eddie kramer678,00
waves signature collection- chris lord algi native678,00
waves signature collection- jack joseph puig native678,00
waves signature collection- tony maserati native678,00
waves silver763,00
waves soundshifter625,00
waves ssl native848,00
waves ssl tdm1.696,00
waves transform native1.017,00
waves transform tdm bundle1.535,00
waves tune509,00
waves um225 um226 native stereo to surround processors255,00
waves um225 um226 tdm stereo to surround processors509,00
waves upgr l3 platinum native to l3 + l316 native500,00
waves v-series native bundle678,00
waves v-series tdm bundle1.357,00
waves vocal bundle848,00
waves vocal rider678,00
waves vocal rider339,00
waves wns waves noise supressors2.374,00
waves wns waves noise supressors2.374,00
waves wup
waves z noise678,00
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